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Chiang Mai Spa academy [CMSA]
is an international school responsible for the education and training of beauty and spa therapist.
It has built up it reputation.
CMSA 101 Introduction  Facial  Treatment
CMSA 101-1 Intensive Facial Treatment
CMSA 101-2 Intermedait Facial Treatment
CMSA 101-3 Advance Facial Treatment
CMSA 102 Lymphatic Drain Facial Massage
CMSA 103 Anti- Ageing Facial Massage
CMSA 104 Detoxifying Facial Massage
Body Massage
CMSA 201 Inroduction Swedish Body Massage
CMSA 201-1 Intensive Swedish Body Massage
CMSA 201-2 Advance Swedish Body Masage
CMSA 202 Introduction Aroma Body Massage
CMSA 202-1 Intensive Aroma Body Massage
CMSA 202-2 Aroma Body Therapy
CMSA 203 Hot Stone Body Massage
CMSA 203-1 Hot Stone Therapy
CMSA 204 Sport Body Massage
CMSA 205 Thai Traditional Massage
for Spa Level 1
CMSA 205-1 Thai Traditional Massage
for Spa Level 2
CMSA 205-2 Thai Traditional Massage
for Spa Level 3
Foot  Treatment
CMSA 301 Reflexology
CMSA 302 Hand and Foot Spa Treatment
CMSA 303 Manicure & Pedicure Treatment
CMSA 304 Waxing
Spa  Treatment
CMSA 401 Body Treatment
CMSA 402 Intensive Spa Therapy
CMSA 403 Thai Spa Therapy
CMSA 404 Beauty Spa Therapy
CMSA 405 Professional Spa Therapy


CMSA 101 Introduction Facial Treatment.

The course of designed to allow the Student have no skill l in order to try to do in facial treatment.

Total hours : 15 Hours
Minimum contact : 15 Hours
Case studies : No
Duration Practical exam : 45 Minutes
Duration theory exam : -
Generic Subject

• Health and Hygiene.
• Skin Structure and Function.

Other Subject

• Skin Care
• After Care and Home Care.


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