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Chiang Mai Spa academy [CMSA]
is an international school responsible for the education and training of beauty and spa therapist.
It has built up it reputation.

You can make an on-line registration by filling the form below.
Please print out the confirmation letter and bring it on the first day of the class.

You need to bring also the followings:

Code Course Course Fee (฿)
  Course is accredited by the Ministry of Health
CMSA  105 Foot Massage  12,000.00
CMSA  402 Swedish Massage  15,000.00
CMSA  404 Aroma Massage  15,000.00
CMSA  503 Thai Traditional Massage  15,000.00
CMSA  504 Care for Women after reawakening  15,000.00
CMSA  902 Beauty Therapy  15,000.00
CMSA  903 Spa Therapist  55,000.00
  Introduction Course  
CMSA  301 Intensive Facial Treatment  9,000.00
CMSA  401 Introduction Swedish Massage  9,000.00
CMSA  403 Introduction Aroma Massage  9,000.00
CMSA  501 Thai Massage level 1  7,990.00
CMSA  502 Thai Massage level 2  12,000.00
  Advance Beauty Therapy for Facial  
CMSA 302 Advance Facial Treatment  12,000.00
CMSA 303 Lyphatic Dranage for facial Masage  6,990.00
CMSA 304 Detoxifying Facial Massage   6,990.00
CMSA 305 Anti Aging Facial Massage   6,990.00
  Body Massage and Beauty Therapy for Body
CMSA 405 Hot Stone Massage  12,000.00
CMSA 406 Sport  Massage  12,000.00
CMSA 201 Shirodhara  Massage
(Ayurvadic Head Massage)
CMSA 202 Abhyanga (Ayurvadic Body Massage)  8,990.00
CMSA 203 Bamboo  Massage  12,000.00
CMSA 204 Tok Sen (Lanna Wisdom Massage)  8,990.00
CMSA 901 Body  Treatment  9,990.00
CMSA 101 Foot  Reflexology  Massage  9,000.00
CMSA 102 Hand  and Foot  Treatment  9,000.00
CMSA 103 Mandicure & Pedicure  8,990.00
CMSA 104 Waxing  8,990.00
CMSA 904 Intensive Spa Therapist  26,000.00

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Important notes for students:
• All courses are taught in English and Thai.
• At the end of each course, practical examinations need to be completed by each student. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will receive a certificate accredited by Ministry of Education Thailand.
• Our school is located in the heart of the city, close to accommodation available for rent and a plethora of food vendors and restaurants to satisfy all tastes and budgets. Therefore, we do not provide the transportation and meals.


Refund policy: 
• No refund after class started.
• Deposits are non-refundable.
• Cancellation of unattended course will have 20% administrative fee.
• Students may postpone course up to 3 months without administrative fee. Postponement of the course more than 3 months will have 20% administrative fee.